The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review by

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review


By friedhof-magazine

The Gardnerz debut with “The System of Nature”, a paper released late last year, generated from the self-production and captured a few months after his appearance on the American label Abyss Records. Formed in Sweden in 2008 by Wilhelm, the veins of this quartet of Latin blood runs two of its members, originally from Santiago de Chile. Union of cultures to the conception of a musical entity rooted between Death and Doom Metal with Progressive reminiscences.
For more than 50 minutes, we go into the different meanings of gender development and heavy for excellence we offer The Gardnerz. From a certain structural complexity, each develops its particular theme medley attacking various environments. Times very slow as in “Born to Eat” or “More or Less,” technical and fast riffs, accelerating almost all cuts to provide the perfect dose of brutality, melancholy melodies and passages such as “The Art of Suffering” or “Confusion.”
Technically the work is outstanding. The plot dares voice, in addition to the classic guttural voices in Black as “Shift In Thought” or clean as in “Maybe It’s Time” for the particular time. The bass is constantly displays the fore on many occasions. The lead guitars set to perfection, driving and drawing the ear through every riff, from yielding a progressive cut through the wildest, through each episode or acoustic soloist. In general, and to concentrate the different scents that I found on this record, I would recommend “Incident” as a good sample of it.
The Gardnerz reminded me at various times to bands like Opeth, Beloveth Mourning, Death, Katatonia, but what is really sound and that The Gardnerz today, is a plus on any album.

Rating: 8/10

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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