SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review by Grim Lord Metal

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review

by Grim Lord Metal

By Eric May

Septekh – The Seth Avalanche (PR2012) – Now here are some guys that have the right idea when releasing a short EP. This Swedish death/thrash n’ roll band gives me 22:00 of songs that I actually give a fuck about. From the starting riff of “Fuckslut From Hell 2:49” all of the way to the last thrashy chord of “The Seth Avalanche 5:45”, I’m hearing a band with plenty of ferocity, especially from their frontman, Nils Meseke. But that’s a good thing, because I want a death/thrash band that just lets loose and doesn’t give a fuck. This band was conceived out of 100% malice, and with songs like the single, “Shoot Them All 3:58” you can tell that. The band plays portions of thrash, rock, death and black metal; and would make any fan of these genres proud.

David Wikström plays some great thrash riffs with a little prog and technicality, as well as some definite rock melodies, which add even more to the package. His solos also kill in each and every song. This is the way that death n’ roll should sound and I’m expecting a lot of promise from these guys. Once again, the frontman is a beast – his mix of growls, shrieks and screams really define this album, and make me care about this band. When this guy screams “blunt force to the head!” I’m gonna fucking run, because he’s serious about bashing my skull repeatedly. This is 100% a man pissed off, and if you’re pissed too, then you’ll feel it even more. Great after a tough day at work.

The drummer Staffan Persson also does a great job, mixing thrash drumming with black and death metal double bass. He’s also quick to change the tempo – which keeps shit fresh. This can go from thrash to black to death, all because of the drummer’s skills. If you guys need more proof of how kick-ass these guys are, let the music speak for them.

If this doesn’t get you interested, nothing will. I’m gonna watch these fuckers like a hawk. These guys could be the fucking saviors of death/thrash.

Highlights: All 6 tracks, all 22:00. These guys are insane. if you don’t like this shit, what the fuck are you doing here? (6 Tracks, 22:00)

Rating: 777 (10) (Yeah, it’s that fucking good.)

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