SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review by Heavy Metal Tribune

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review

by Heavy Metal Tribune

By Hong Rui

Death/thrash metal is a genre that has a large spectrum for me, with one end containing the brutal and bestial style originated by pioneers such as Sarcofago, and the other end being the more ballsy, old-school heavy metal style that Japanese bands like Sabbat and Abigail prefer to play in. Fortunately, both styles happen to be stuff that I enjoy from time to time, and Septekh’s new EP, The Seth Avalanche certainly captivates, with the running coyote theme that is present on the album artwork.

One might get the hint from the song titles on the album, with the likes of Fuckslut from Hell, that this album would probably lean more towards the perverted, drunken style of Abigail, but what Septekh presents on the album is more of a middle-ground between the two extremes. The riffs on songs like Fuckslut from Hell are ballsy and groovy as hell, and gives The Seth Avalanche a nice old-school, rock ‘n’ roll vibe that lasts throughout the release. Nils barks out his vocals with rage, at times alternating to more simple gruff growls and this helps provide and reinforce that anger in the music, while drummer Staffan gives a nice crusty feel to the music with his d-beat drumming style.

For the most part, the music on The Seth Avalanche is simple, and Septekh does not come across as overly zealous in displaying their technical flair, though guitarist David does litter the album with bits of flamboyance with his shredding. Songs like Shoot Them All are simple, straightforward thrash numbers, and at times almost reminds one of early Exodus stuff, though Septekh does so in a more simple manner and injects rock ‘n’ roll vibe with the lead guitar work of David. Not Quite What I Had in Mind also presents a slower, heavier side of the band as well, though the band never fails to put in that groovy element in the music, ensuring that the song is still recognisable as the band’s. The short run time of songs like Shoot Them All and Eating the Maneater ensure that listeners with ADD won’t run out of patience before having their face melted by the fury and anger of the band.

The Seth Avalanche is an extremely fun record, and I have to admit Septekh caught me off-guard with this EP. Also, it is certainly nice to hear a Swedish band not play their usual style of Swedish death metal for once, and The Seth Avalanche is hence a nice breath of fresh air.

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