SEPTEKH (Sweden) Interview by From Beyond Metal Fanzine

SEPTEKH (Sweden) Interview

by From Beyond Metal Fanzine

By Glibert V

Staffan Persson Septekh drummer eager and dynamic answered our questionnaire for From Beyond Metal Fanzine, a Norwegian attracted us for good music and visual concept and way of seeing things augur well for the future of these Scandinavians coming to edit your full legth with Abyss Records label you bet on them again

-FBM: In your note you are categorized as a death-thrash band, I agree but also taking influences from death n ‘roll too, do tell us of that?


Well, we’ve always had a very rhythmic style and frenetic. It’s metal, of course, but our style of play is a bit looser, perhaps, that only a band strict technical Death Metal. This is something that just happens to be more than we do, rather than trying to meet some kind of death / thrash / black / doom style n’roll. I do not even know what that means. The only band that I can think of when listening to rock n roll ‘add-on is the style of the Swedish band The Crown, which I liked. I sounded like a metal version of something like The Hellacopters!

And that’s probably influences are rock bands that we’re facing. The Hellacopters and Motorhead are two of the favorite styles of Dave, really is a blues guitarist trying (sometimes struggling) to play metal haha! So is this and our biggest influences are classic metal bands like Maiden, Priest etc.. The Who also has roots closer to the rock, is a great inspiration. Also, my drumming style is influenced by two metal drummers are sprayed and (in an elegant way), just attack them with relentless force, as Frost and stiffer oriented not blasting rock drummers like Jimmy Chamberlin, for example.

So the combination of these things is probably the reason why we are on the side a bit more rhythmic.

-FBM: Let us know of his latest production discográfica.Sí, our last record is the recently released EP “The Seth Avalanche” and edited by Abyss Records!

We also have another version ready that contains four songs really strong. Hopefully later this year. And we are preparing to record a full legth this summer. Twelve or more tracks. So far on the horizon!

-FBM: We can talk a little of their former grabaciones.


Sólo have our demo recording from 2009.

-FBM: Why do not they decided to record an LP instead of ep?


Eeehhh … Yes … This EP is pretty long right? O? I think it’s in the middle between the maximum time to be an ep, and short fucking scam lp! (ED: not referring to a hoax) Everything is so different now anyway, when the physical is actually the alpha form. We just recorded the songs you could manage to play, he stops time and I really liked in general. It ended up being available tracks for “The Avalanche Seth.” Nothing more than that!

-FBM: For now, how has been the dissemination and promotion of Septekh with Abyss Records? , How was the interest of the seal to Septekh?

The spread (I had to look it up in google the word!), (Ed: Note that there was a grammatical confusion to ask the question) so far has been pretty good. We are still in the middle of all that is a bit early to say. Mr. Ferguson seems to be a very passionate, congratulations to him for that! Hopefully the video can help a little to inspire people to judge by the loyalty of our label.

-FBM: How was the process of production and recording of his music video “Shoot Them All?”


We shot the video for “Shoot Them All” in our rehearsal room on the island of Mork. Everything was very low fidelity. Not There are luxury houses, the lights did ourselves, so we invited some friends and friends of friends, and played the song (live, not playing!) A couple of times and got drunk together. I think it turned out great!

-FBM: In the “eaten the necessary” is where most leave their influence death n ‘roll, which does tell us about the lyrics and the song in general?

Hmmm. I guess you mean “eaten the necessary”? Just let the song flowed naturally all the time. I’ve never been this far in the boogie woogie territory before and probably never will again hehe … The lyrics are a mixture sex, serial murders and some sort of sharp humor, I think that …

-FBM: It is about the time of the summer festivals throughout Europe, are there confirmed dates?


Well what are the plans Septekh’re going to play a few shows. No festivals confirmed yet. And as noted above, we will enter the studio in a couple of months! Stay tuned for our audio offerings have begun to take cabo.-FBM: We can discuss a little known South American metal?

(I had to check what boogie woogie sounds really good and now I’m listening to some really frantic piano. Mein Gott!) (ED: ha ha ha ha think the coach got a bit hectic and I am enamored with the boogie, boogie …)

The first thing that pops into my head is the song of the powerful Aura Noir “” South American Death “” which is a tribute to the South American metal scene and I know there a particular legacy of metal from there with bands of historical importance as Sarcofago for example. Although the only band that actually has some memory in my Sepultura and is still maintained.

I have heard many good things about the scene there and I really want you to come here to play more!. Actually, it was the vocalist of a band called Madness Chile was invited as a guest and working for us. His voice sounds like a pile of rubble or a truck truck … Indeed unique. This was a few days checking myspace and then never heard from them so … siguiéremos waiting lol!

-FBM: Farewell Final


Saludos all!!


This Interview was originally written in Spanish and has been poorly translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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