ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review by valkyrianmusic

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review

by valkyrianmusic


By Luke Hayhurst

With a stunning ambient introduction track entitled ‘Claim Your Place With The Gods’, I am already feeling very good about Eternal Helcaraxe’s debut full length release ‘Against All Odds’. Flowing nicely out of such a superb opener the album moves effortlessly into ‘One Stands Still here’, a dynamic unyielding song of epic proportions. Eternal Helcaraxe have been in existance for nine years if you can believe that, but if it takes nine years to perfect your sound to this degree then well-played boys, well-played because this is Black Metal with a real twist, including soaring harmonies, ebbing and flowing seamlessly into a crescendo of atmospheric pomp and splendour. Often viciously heavy, yet with plenty of room left for the bands frequent trips down long winding roads of melody, ‘Against All Odds’ is for lack of a better word, special!

I recently read a book about the release of Nelson Mandella and the impact it had on the Rugby World Cup, that as many will know was entitled ‘Invictus’ and was made into a major motion picture. Now I have a feeling that Eternal Helcaraxe’s song of the same name does not cover the same subject although the themes are somewhat similar in that they describe a fight, a struggle, and standing united through it all, something Mandela strived for. Anyway after that rather random interlude to my review, back to Eternal Helcaraxe. ‘We Assist Death’ is both chilling and vicious in sound throughout and gives an insight into the raw nature of Eternal Helcaraxe and the extremity that they are able to produce. As the album continues the harsher nature to the band emerges but always leaves room for their varied styles and melodies. Utilising great break downs, pace changes and even some cleaner vocals during ‘As The Snow Gathers’, Eternal Helcaraxe have created a debut album to be truly proud of. Powerful, epic, thought-provoking and deeply heavy, ‘Against All Odds’ is a masterpiece.

Rating: 4.5/5

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