SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review by

SEPTEKH (Sweden) “The Seth Avalanche” CD EP review


By Fritz

Death’n’roll is one of those sounds that pull the listener in with its bouncy grooves, and strong catchy riffs. It’s simplistic in nature, and if executed with mediocrity it can be a complete disaster; and a very boring listen. Fortunately for Septekh they’ve executed this sound with precision, and coherence that will enthrall the listener throughout this six song EP!

“The Seth Avalanche” gets off on a good note with “Fucksluts From Hell” this is the perfect opener for a EP such as this. The tempo is on the faster side and has a very bouncy and groovy riff that will pull the listener in, and not let them go. This is what you want from a sound such as the one Septekh purveys.

Another great element that Septekh has incorporated in their sound is the use of varied tempos. The songs can start off at a crawling pace and then slowly build up to a faster tempo. This is executed perfectly in “Blunt Force To The Head”. This was something that also kept this one dimensional sound interesting. A lot of bands seem to like to stick to the one tempo, whether it be slower or faster, and not deviate from that.

Another element that makes death’n’roll so appealing is the use of memorable riffs. “Eating The Man Eater Master” contains one such riff. “Eating The Man Eater Master” has one of those riffs that will have all the bangers in the hall bouncing their heads along to immensely groovy riff. This was truly one thing that Septekh has mastered; the use of immensely catchy riffs and grooves.

On the vocal side of things; they are one dimensional. The vocalist sticks to his harsh burst style singing throughout the course of the EP. With a sound like this, there really is no need to have a varied vocal style. You want a vocalist who sounds big and will be able to fuse with the guitar to create an audile assault that doesn’t drown one another out. With death’n’roll you don’t want the vocals to be the focal point, instead it has to blend and add. Overall; these vocals were executed well and you’d be hard pressed to find a vocalist that could do this style any better.

As with the vocals the drums are simplistic and one dimensional and that’s exactly what you want. They are there to compliment the riffs and keep the groove bouncing along. They don’t sound weak or overpower the guitar. They are there when you need them, and really do drive the songs along. Overall executed with a true understanding of the style; well done.

Overall “The Seth Avalanche” is defiantly a formidable release that will compel you to listen over and over to Septekh’s brand of death’n’roll! Truly an enjoyable experience!

Rating: 8/10

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