ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review by

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Ireland) “Against All Odds” CD review


By Tania Gimenez

Ireland does not seem to be a band too birthplace of extreme metal bands, one that we are Eternal HELLCARAXE who now released their debut album, “Against All Odds”. This band does not offer a bet really innovative, and who practice a Black Metal with some touches melody and pagans, but when there is quality, that’s not important.

This first CD will go through the Abyss Records label and contains changes of pace, at times necessary blastbeats and a keyboard that create all types of atmospheres, always giving the somewhat epic round and wrapping of a dark halo and suggestive. The guitar-work is as varied as the drums and rhythm changes that dwell in the Eternal HELLCARAXE creations, offering incessant sharp riffs to accompany its most raw, or slow passages, sometimes with acoustic guitars, which are the perfect incentive for those times when pagans, with a great epic, provided further enlarging the tune that plays an important role in the music of the Irish. The voices usually are typical of black metal shrieks mingled also with clean vocal lines and the occasional guttural, adapting well to the different landscapes that they create with their music and the different tours that are running.

A good Black Metal album cut pagan (especially thanks to the letters on paganism and mythology) which, while not offering anything new, it is a work worth taking into account all the fans of the style.

Rating: 7/10

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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“Against All Odds” coming to Abyss Records April 27th, 2012.

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