DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD review by

DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD review


By Ype

Masters Of Hate’ is the first sign of life of Desultor from Sweden, formed in 2007. The first impression after hearing a song or two was a fast, well-played combination of death and thrash metal with Warrel Dane (Nevermore)-like vocals. After hearing the whole album, this description remains relevant. Apart from some black metal riffs, that stood out after listening a few times more. Overall, the music is very well-executed and catchy, which makes it a very pleasant listening experience. All songs are played in the familiar quadruple time signature which makes them easy to follow. While the band operates on an up-do-date musical level (fast and tight), the predominant clean vocals add an old-school vibe to the entire album. Other scoring points of ‘Masters of hate’ are the guitar solos and the album’s clear but raw sound.

Overall, there is nothing wrong about this album. So, why no top score? First, the music is a little too predictable to stay exciting for the length of a whole album. Second, I more than once got caught with the feeling that the (actually well done) clean vocals do not really match the music. I am curious to hear this album again with a more traditional death/thrash metal vocalist on it. Nevertheless, a really enjoyable extreme modern metal album remains, which has the potential to please a wide variation of metal fans from different generations.

Rating: 78/100

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