DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD review by

DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD review


By steelandfire

Progdeath is a pretty rare animal, isn’t it? well these guys are something to behold and enjoy.

I have to say this kinda confused me at first because I wasn’t sure where to put them. Clean vocals death metal? Is there such a thing?
Well, hang on to your breeches ladies and gentlemen because yes there is and it owns.
Desultor have that thing we love more at Steel and Fire than our own leather collections and glory memories, namely that very rare and elusive animal called ” an incredibly original sound”. These guys have managed to take s lot of apparently contradictory styles, put them in a fucking cauldron and boiled it until it came out awesomely awesome.

First there’s the death metal angle- that drummer can beat it like a Viennese schnitzel hammer- merciless and relentless. The bass player is of no small talent, and the guitar work is magically proggy AND aggressive.

The clean power metally vocals are a REALLY nice touch, gotta love a band who doesnt abuse growling. Not that there isn’t any, but what it is of it is artful and awesome, combined with high pitched screams in places.

Overall the combination is pretty damned awesome, and it puts to rest that weird myth that prog has to be meditative. Well, this isn’t. It’s mean, aggressive, hateful and full on extreme, not to mention incredibly skillful and very very well done.

This is not only incredibly modern, but it makes a shit ton of sense. We’ve been seeing technodeath growing everywhere where people want to show can can do better than just chug,, and death metal has an incredible number of talented musicians who’ve been feeling constrained by the rigidity of the genre for quite a while.

I fucking love it.

Rating: 9.2/10

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