DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD review by

DESULTOR (Sweden) “Masters of Hate” CD review


By Fritz

“Master of Hate” is an interesting album, which is split into two chapters. Both halves of the album are split by an ambient passage, marked accordingly. When you hear the opening ambience you are not ready for what is going to come next.

“Master Of Hate” then explodes into “Black Monday” and then reveals the true direction of this album, which is an incredibly interesting one. “Black Monday” has an explosively brutal intro, and then you hear the vocal style, and your left scratching your head. The vocals are a mix between more harsh death metal style vocals, not guttural; then switch to a clean epic style. This was a total curveball. At first you are taken aback by it, and not sure what to feel about it, but as you progress through the album you will then come to really enjoy them. The songs musically are brutal, with the double kicks and the heavy alternate picked riffs, and they range from mid tempo to slower and more melodic. During “Division Insane” you are even treated to a short but well written ambient type passage. This shows the diversity in this album.

“Master of Hate” is a proper musical journey. One on hand you have the death metal side of things, then you get some progressive elements, and then thrown on top of all that; you get the clean vocals. It can’t be stressed enough that this is a diverse album.

Usually albums like this can go utterly wrong, and turn out to be a complete failure; this was anything but. The guitar work was fantastic, and the riffs were well written, and even though the alternate picked riffs were used very often, they were used in bursts and never seemed to get boring or over used which was surprising.

The songs are formulaic, they start chaotic, then slow down into a alternate picked riff, then in come the vocals, and then there’s the melodic parts, and to round it all off; the monster choruses. Desultor doesn’t stray from this throughout the whole album. This formula works well for them, and again; it was surprising that such a formulaic album was such a treat to listen too.

Overall this album will not be something you like right off the bat, you will have to really sit down and digest it, but once you do; you will come to love it. What’s not to like? Well written riffs, fantastically executed vocals, and a few ambient passages to then further the spacey atmosphere this album contains. So go out and buy this album, turn it up loud, and lock your door and digest this interesting slab of extreme metal. You will come to love it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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