SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review by metal-revolution

SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review

by metal-revolution

By Bato


Sincera was a phrase that the ancient Romans used to describe a statue that were so perfect that it didn’t have to be vaxed, to cover up all the cracks and splits. When I came across this name a couple of days ago, Sincera sounded as a female led Gothic band. Fortunately, it is a side project consisting of members from Norwegian Black & Death bands, Fester, Algol, Decipher and Psychotic Pain.

The quartet was founded in 2002 where the band started up as ‘Evening’, but changed their name, due to some line-up changes, to Sincera after a couple of years. Nine years later Sincera finally releases their first full-length recording entitled Cursed And Proud.

Cursed And Proud contains nine tracks in all; four studio tracks recorded in 2005, and four live tracks from a gig in 2006, and finally a bonus closing track “Byron Lawless”, made as an entrance song for the infamous Norwegian wrestler Byron Lawless. On this opus the band still plays a furious old-school metal, mixing old Rotting Christ, Fester, Dissection, Kreator and touches of Norwegian Death Metal in general. In other words; it is actually a vicious blend of several genres within the extreme metal. It is slow – yet fast, melodic – yet extreme, atmospheric – yet furious.

I particularly enjoyed ‘Live In The Essense…’ part where the guys successfully captured the essence of Sincera live. Thus, Cursed And Proud is definitely worth getting just for the sake of the live tracks included. The most diverse thing is the guitars, shifting from emotional and melancholic melodious riffs and aggressive black metal riffs.

Despite of a couple of flaws and awkward moments through the release, Cursed And Proud, with its crispy production, is a nice foretaste of what is to come from this extreme and brutal supergroup in the future.

Rating: 80/100

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