BANE (Serbia) Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness DIGI CD review by

BANE (Serbia) Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness DIGI CD review


By Sergio Fernández

The album was recorded at Studio Hellsound of the Czech Republic at a time that has been produced, mixed and mastered by Honza Hapak, which is probably unknown to the public but has played in bands like Judas Iscariot, Krieg or NARGAROTH among others, that is, not a beginner in the scene black metalheads. In addition, the artwork has been created by the great Marcel Basque (Belphegor, Obituary, Vader, Satyricon, etc.). That said, it is clear that Bane has surrounded himself with people who know this for a while.
Entering into the round itself, the first thing to say is that the nine songs that comprise it, are dividades “3 chapters”: the first called “Chaos”, the second “Darkness” and the third “Emptiness”.
“Chaos” begins with an introduction that anticipates a powerful atmosphere, immediately followed by a powerful hit and a raging guitar. The environment has created an intense BANE variety of rhythms, faster passages and other slower combinandos guttural screaming and making the listener create the chaos that so well defines this chapter.
In “Darkness”, the quiet melody takes over the sound although there are themes with influences from sugarcane old school Death Metal. In general, everything is different, and when I mean everything, I mean those rhythms guitarists at that tempo and composition of the actual songs themselves.
The last chapter named “Emptiness”, is a pure sample of Doomi rhythms. The slower parts are dominant melodic and gentle intermingling phases within the aggressive parts of the issues. The vacuum is what the listener feels only hear these issues, where the heavy guitars and dark grunts prevail. The album ends with an instrumental song that completely immerses the listener in a sea of dark, empty and dark sound.

In short, deeply recommend this work as well as being original, you can enjoy very good musicians who give their best to create a CD in which the influences are as varied as BANE able to capture in the three parts that have divided this great “Chaos, Darkness and Emptiness”.

Rating: 9.5/10

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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