ANGREPP (Sweden) “Warfare” DIGI CD review by

ANGREPP (Sweden) Warfare DIGI CD review


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By Cenk A.

Swedish band Angrepp can be regarded as a brand new one. Since 2010, there seems to be no record of them after a demo release in 2006. This promo that we received was sent by Abyss Records in digital format. The genre of the band is thrash metal, but it is possible to come acroos black metal that contains Swedish melodic theme.

After the intro, the stereotypical beginning riffs of black/thrash/punk n roll which are rising nowadays welcome us. Hmm, was it a bad description? Don’t take it like that, Angrepp starts their album by whipping you on your backs. I, listening to Warfare very carefully, feels the grim fire of black metal that lies under the aggressive thrash frame like in Estonian group Must Missa which I like very much. But, for me, this album is mostly a thrash one.

The cover of the album is well matched with the concept, a soldier, a tank and bloody people on the background, in fact this can be regarded as a good cover which mixes “death” and “brutality” well but I find it cliché. Besides lame rhythms, acute guitars and powerful drums, with the dirty vocal that is hiding behind these, Angrepp is a group that both contains thrash metal’s technique, black metal’s aggressiveness and Swedish metal’s mobility, you shouldn’t overlook them. “Five Horned Formation”, “Warfare”, “Rape, Kill, Rock’n Roll” and “Dictator” are really very good songs.

Generally, the album is successful and satisfactory. The ones who listen to thrash metal might not like it, but the ones who listen to black metal and have begun to listen thrash metal recently will definitely love it.

Rating: 8/10

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