NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Nihil” CD EP review by

NOCTIS IMPERIUM (Venezuela) “Nihil” CD EP review


By Pagan Shadow

Venezuela is not a common country from which we hear extreme metal bands, is it? Well, Noctis Imperium is one of those different breeds of cats, bringing us their EP Nihil .

On this disc you’ll find six studio tracks and two live ones. Noctis Imperium is a trio with Isaias (guitars, vocals and keys) as the band leader. Their musical direction is death/black metal. They also have a certain adventurous edge while playing a technical type of metal. The tempo is fast, the drums pummeling, tremolo-picking leads galore – that type of music. It makes no doubt that these are good musicians. I would have hoped for less overwhelming drum sound though, especially from the snare. They have some industrial/keyboard patterns here and there, and many songs come in with a solo. Noctis Imperium sounds as good and tight in their live performances, another proof of their musicianship. “Through Fire and Cosmos” is especially tasty and the sound quality is very good for a live recording. My overall favorite tune is “Unus I Hihil”, for its moderate tempo, distorted arpeggios, keyboards and crunchy riffs. Then you also have “Maze of Torments” with its numerous crazy solos, crushingness and varied paces.

For those of you into technical death/black metal, a blast is awaiting you.

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