SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review by Marios Metal Mania

SINCERA (Norway) Cursed and Proud DIGI CD review


By Dennis van Dommelen

Sincera is a sideproject with members from Norwegian Death/ Black metal bands: Fester, Algol, Decipher and Psychotic Pain. Cursed and Proud is oddly divided into two parts. The first four songs are studio recordings the the following four are live recordings and the last one is a enterance song for the infamous Norwegian wrestler Byron Lawless. The Norwegians are quite technical, rich in harmony and texture. There are quite a lot of rhythm-changes but it’s mainly well-composed and purposeful. The melodies are folky in places, thrashy in others, occasionally on the Dissection side of things, but generally very good. Uff, I have to say that “Cursed and proud” material is very uneven – it’s an album, which I have to divide into two parts – first one gathers great songs and riffing, with some truly memorable anthems such as (the opening riff on) “A Griever’s Soul” (though the guitars are sounding a bit false throughout the song, while on the other half it has lower quality riffs and unnecessary weak ideas like in the song “Cursed” and simply looses the feeling and aggression. The live recordings are all a all more straightforward and in your face. And although the soundquality isn’t as good as on the studiotracks I like them more. Hopefully they will follow the more agressive path in the future. For now this debut is a irregular but that doens’t say it’s bad.

Rating: 75/100

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