HUMANGLED (Italy) “Fractal” DIGI CD review by Funeral Rain

HUMANGLED (Italy) Fractal DIGI CD review


By General Blaspheme

Humangled’s death metal is quite refreshing for me to hear because they aren’t American. And we all know there is a huge sound difference, as well as writing style and image style difference, between American and Italian death metal.

Hell, American and European death metal in general. So after bludgeoning myself with North Am DM for awhile, It’s nice to get back to Euro DM.

Anyway, Humangled play a mid- to fast-temp death metal that’s quite catchy in the riff structure, and a very old school vibe fills up the album with touches of new school sound. It’s quite technical in places, but these guys still seem to like bashing in heads just for bashing in heads sake.

My favorite tracks are “Brutalize the Pedophile” and “Under the Root”. I’d recommend it for fans of fellow countrymen Faust, Death, Bloodbath, and less technical Morbid Angel.

7 out of 10.

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