MAAX (U.S.) “Unholy Rock & Roll” DIGI CD review by

MAAX (U.S.) “Unholy Rock & Roll” DIGI CD review


By Poney

Combine Rock n ‘Roll and Black Metal, here’s an idea that at first glance, may seem preposterous. Except that a little thought, Maax is not the first group to propose a mix of genres. Indeed, in retrospect, a band like Venom plays perfectly in this range, but others as well as Nargaroth, the last Darthrone to take perhaps the best known and Vreid and Black Mass Pervertor. With some misgivings, so I approach the album, saying that this mixture was not always the happiest. Often we do not find a substitute for Black, as Rock and a little boring.

The difference is that Maax has succeeded where others have sprawled. This second album from the bottom of the Americans in Indiana sounds perfectly from the start. In juggling with gimmicks classic Rock N Roll, the Thrash and Black, Maax managed to bring change in his album, never mean the same thing twice. As an opening, “Coldest Steel” is aggressive, bold, dark, looking for references in its Thrash and Black. The voice is powerful, gritty, even if it seems to have heard in 10 others. The second piece is about the influences, when he opens the same as Tom Araya Crix on “Angel Of Death”, the refrain “Fight With Fire” is chanted in the same way that the “Baptism By Fire” Marduk, all on a background of blasts and Thrash riffs so (with some guitars also recall how Kerry King) and we can not help thinking that the name recalls a wildly famous as Metallica.
After this passage finesse brutal, we are left with an “Unholy Rock & Roll” hyper … rock n roll, with as an intro, the cliché sounds of Harley Davidson, the little guitar solo. We headbang softly, it was the Banana Sauce Black n ‘Roll Maax is good, and not the next song that I would be lying. The title that bears the name of the group, “Maax” also takes the ladle of clichés: noise opening cans (which calculates to be the beer), burping, laughing and … Rock n Roll, alcohol, chick, the whole shebang. We want more, and that’s when Maax out the heavy artillery. After a “Purge Of Depravity” which acts as a bridge between the bleak instrumental part of the first and second album, “Overthrone” Black is the pure juice, cold and fast, as we love, while “Black Thrash Em All “is a reflection of its title, flat out, like” deliever “then. Finally, “One More Time” is a bit slower, mid-tempo and a bit like the Speed ​​80’s, Black with a voice, especially a guitar solo as it should.

In short, I listened to an album of Maax (this is in tune with the times, I finally put it), but mostly, I listened to a good album. I did not know at all Maax, and the surprise is pleasant, very pleasant. Maax not hesitate to make big nods to his influences without it falling into a bit heavy tribute, the group also managed a mixture of genre not always easy, and finally managed to make an album that is meant diversified. Triple success, therefore, despite the end is a little redundant when one feels a slight lack of inspiration. It is the only real criticism to be made and would seek other ass pounding of flies. An album which I think is not just for fans of the genre only, but from its many facets should appeal to more than a Headbanger.

Rating: 8/10

This review was originally written in French and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in French click the link below.

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