SINCERA (Norway) “Cursed and Proud” DIGI CD review by Metal Team UK

SINCERA (Norway) Cursed and Proud DIGI CD review


By Paul Maddison

This is the first recorded output in 17 years from Festers Bjørn “Tiger” Mathisen, this is an album that was actually a demo (‘Tall and Proud’) recorded in 2005 but never released, this covers the first 4 tracks, the remainder of this old school black and old style Norwegian death metal hybrid are live tracks recorded in 2006, now this has a full complete digi pack release via Abyss records.

Originally formed in 2002 as a side project, the music of Sincera (a word used by the Romans to describe statues that were so perfect that cracks and stuff did not have to be covered up) ties in with early Rotting Christ, a tiny piece of Dissection and the spirit of German thrash metal. Opener ‘Tall and Proud’ really hits the ground running and starts with some massive bass sounds and the usual thin sounding guitars, this really goes for the throat in terms old Scandinavian death metal, kind of a hybrid of Morbid and very early Marduk. Then the purists get a piece of first wave black metal from the second sermon, ‘A Griefers Soul’. This unfortunately does not have the punch of the former song and lowers ones expectations of future tracks. But without prejudice, this is a good track; it’s just not as exciting, it is however more pleasing than the oddball vocals after the first verse of ‘Cursed’.

Moving onto the live tracks, don’t expect a perfect sound, this was recorded from a crowd camcorder, you can even hear the crowd chatter whilst the songs are played, the whole idea is to make you have the live experience, it does work, but I would have really preferred to be there with a drink in my hand than sitting at home having a cup of coffee (very rock and roll!). The songs themselves, like ‘Where Am I !?!’ are raw black metal, without retarded vocals thankfully, actually it does gain many marks of respect in my book, but I much prefer the rendition ‘Smell of Fear’, it has a melodic black feel, a groove, like the early Swedish material and one of the aforementioned artists.

Black metal and it’s hybrid undertones with early death metal has to be bloody good to impress me, whilst I am not blown away by the effort, I do really enjoy this, it is an old recording in an older style, bleak at times, so don’t expect it to sound “modern”. In the true spirit of the crossed genres, the rawness certainly takes a hold and will smash all the black metal posers into the concrete floor, or would that be the frozen wastelands of the northern hemisphere? In any case, you can apply to ‘Die Like Jesus Christ’ the music is eerily cavernous so don’t expect technical wizardry, but it is a more than tolerable prospect of a release considering we have had to wait 9 years since their inception for an official product.

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