The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review by Xtreem Music

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review


By Xavier Bergada

Interesting debut album which we offer THE GARDNERZ with “The System Of Nature”. Swedish quartet is presented in partnership with a Doom / Death quite rough and direct, with small incidents trite, albeit dispersed throughout other technical necessities give them a good chunk of the twelve compositions diversity.

Following the seconds that pass your address is clear enough, the influences which have sucked going well underlined, although it is true that THE GARDNERZ the deal at will with a very orderly manner. In this regard highlight the first-eg “Lady In The Grave” an issue that bars states from its early mastery of the very first Katatonia, see “Dance Of December Souls” at the same time they add all sorts of technicalities rhythmic patterns through more refined and intricate.

These technical points which we referred to before us especially in the central parts, subject (at peak times) to a perfect mattress very rhythmic use of bands like Atheist, continual rebirth, Cynic, Opeth, added at the same time small shades shy (short and good) to BOLT THROWER, DEATH, see “Flaw In The Axion” or the great middle, we offer the sensational “Born To Consume”.

These nuances of a more brute bend its central axis, since the grease just to keep recreating, in favor of a balance whimsical stylistic moves, moving from side to side, on the basis of the chosen topic. Therefore, if the pendulum had to balance this, no doubt, we should mention the large percentage melodic, melancholic, emotional and even an epic that breathes in “The System Of Nature”. At this point, is where THE GARDNERZ are turning to dwell with his side Doom, a facet of precisely who walk not crippled.

That’s where GARDNERZ THE handled more comfortable, gutting and deep male voices in a line ORPHANAGE (should walk around shots) without the clear (that is, to a lesser extent) or small acoustic parts (here tiny) to finish attacked mercilessly with the old bait the early 90’s. Bait of the early ANATHEMA, PARADISE LOST uncompromised octaves whose rhythmic patterns are baited the fantastic “In Its Purest Sonic Express Form” of others as CROWBAR.

Summarizing the issue, “The System of Nature, offers a lot of raw claw, a huge technique on all four sides, while conveying a good balance when playing with the Doom / Death with implacable firmness. Wrapping final mastered by a certain Dan Swan, and farewell and close with versions of Vulcan “Bloody Vengeance” and WINTER “Servants Of The Warsman”. ‘

No doubt a great first step that can bring a grain of recognition within the genus cited

Rating: 8/10

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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