MAAX (U.S.) “Unholy Rock & Roll” DIGI CD review by

MAAX (U.S.) “Unholy Rock & Roll” DIGI CD review


By Pako Deimler

Wow, Wow, what a surprise we have here, a young band that makes music very, very decent, very original and its influences without bothering anyone (at least not me, lol). Thrash Metal powerful, fresh and very entertaining, that you hooked, do not hesitate, with influences of Heavy Metal darker (to remind me sometimes much about the time WASP “The Headless Children”, which to my taste is the best album he has written the “tito” Blackie Lawless and his followers, in his career).

With a metalhead Black voice, and with a background Rock ‘N Roll biker, which gives them a roll very handsome and charismatic, interesting influences that make their music is full of nuances, very attractive colors and shapes, which are worth be unraveling.

Not that “Unholy Rock’n’Roll” is the discovery of America or anything, and we know that the world of music is trite, this kind of music since practiced or closely resemble, groups like DRILLER KILLER, Gehennah, Swordmaster, Inferno (Norway), demonic (New Zealand), BEWITCHED (Sweden), Disfear, Raisman, THE ROCKING DILDOS, in his time, or even continue giving the subject.

Surely MAAX (I like to fuck the name), stand out clearly from the other bands that plague us today so blatant with their childish and impudent plagiarism, and believe me that’s a lot of merit, these guys make music in a way that only the greats of the genre can do.

They are Indiana, Usa, hence comes that touch them biker (to the “Sons Of Anarchy”, TV series, which is the subject, highly recommended for those interested). “Unholy Rock’n’Roll” is their second long-form study, its first job is in 2009, was titled “Dawnbringer”, then follows a 2010 EP, “Six Pack Witchcraft” with five subjects, and now come with this piece of disc that has captivated me much.

If you want to free some of the monotony that surrounds you every day, listening to the genre you listen, it’s worth beating a couple of these people heard, are amazing.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

This review was originally written in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translate. To view the original review in Spanish click the link below.

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