MAAX (U.S.) Interview by High Wire Daze

MAAX (U.S.) Interview

by High Wire Daze

By Kenneth Morton

If you are fans of such classic entities as Motorhead and Slayer, then you are sure thrash it out to the madd and mighty metal of MAAX! The band recently rampaged at the legendary Central Illinois Metalfest, and their metallic assaults are now being felt all over the world thanks to their destined to a genre classic album – he very aptly titled Unholy Rock and Roll – now unleashed through Abyss Records! Here is a metal as fuck interview we conducted with two of the dudes to find out more about the unstoppable force of nature known as MAAX. Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in MAAX, and how long the band has been together.

Kyle Maax (guitar): -Maax was created to kill in the winter of 07′; we started out as a trio with the original lineup of myself on guitar, Sky Kingrey bass/vocals, and Jeff Brown on drums. I am the only original member left at this point. The current line up is Kyle and Brett on Guitars, Jeremy on Bass, Dave on Drums, and Timmy on Vocals.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Kyle Maax: Unfortunately Maax resides in the bowels of Indiana; the local scene here is a hit and miss, early 90′s were decent but it’s kinda scattered now. Our metal community is small and it’s cool because we all can share members when someone quits! haha! Legion and Necrophagous are notable Death Metal institutions from here and Maax has Jeremy Starkey on bass from Necrophagous and our new drummer Dave Dalton of Legion fame. These bands have been our life preserves so to speak.

What inspired the lyrics to the songs on Unholy Rock and Roll?

Kyle Maax: The title track Unholy Rock and Roll simply put… sex, drugs, and unholy rock and roll! The song Maax says it all, and my favorite lyric “Maax never ever forgets.”

How did you wind up signing to Abyss Records?

Kyle Maax: Dan Ferguson Abyss Records found us! during the Myspace boom hahahaha he contacted us via internet and requested a demo of the album we had already recorded “Dawnbringer” and he was not the first to show interest but certainly the best and a notably very honest individual.

Who did the cover artwork of Unholy Rock and Roll and how much input did you have on it?

Kyle Maax: Luciferium War Graphics who handles some of the other Abyss artists. We gave him a general concept of our conglomeration of ideas and put it through his creative process and you have UHRNR!

If MAAX was invited to appear on a Motorhead tribute album, what song would you do by Motorhead and why?

Kyle Maax: This is a very difficult question cause there are only two kinds of people in this world – MOTORHEAD fans and well, you know! I would love to do a number of Motorsongs, too hard to say really!

What could one expect from a live MAAX show?

Timmy Maax (Vox): Well, to be truthfully honest since we don’t play a whole lot, it is hard to pin down our live performance. Our main goal is to rock the hell out, have a good time, and gain as many fans as possible. As mentioned before, our area is awful for live shows. We have tried to branch out when we can but logistics play a huge role in what we can and can’t do, unfortunately. We are really stoked about what next year brings. One thing’s for certain, we will begin the writing process soon and it will be the best recording yet.

How did your show at the Central Illinois Metalfest go and what were some of the highlights? Did you get to hang out with any of the headliners?

Timmy Maax: CIM went well. The turn out wasn’t as large as we had hoped but that’s the state of metal at present point. Hanging with bands we look up to and networking with them, as well, was a definite highlight. The guys from Hod, Cardiac Arrest, The Horde, Gravehill, and Exhumed were bands we interacted with but there were many stellar bands there.

Has MAAX ever played in the Los Angeles area or are there any plans to do so?

Timmy Maax: We haven’t ever been to Los Angeles. The farthest West we have ever been was CIM in all actuality. We definitely have high hopes to making it to Cali one of these days though. There are some small possibilities of seeing us with our brothers Gravehill in the next year or so. Keep your eyes and ears open.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing MAAX for the very first time?

Timmy Maax: Diversity. To sum it up in one word, that’d be the word. We don’t wanna play the same rehashed music that bands have been doing over and over again. Sure, we have influences and one can pick those out in our music but, reviewers are having a difficult time pinning our sound, which we absolutely love.

What is your favorite beer and why?

Personally my (vocalist Timmy) favorite beer is called Maudite. It’s a French Canadian beer that literally means “The Damned”. The story is one of the selling factors to me. Long story short, it’s about a buncha guys from the middle ages that wanted to get to a party but all they had was a boat, so, they sold their souls to the devil to make their boat fly. How metal is that! haha The beer is absolutely delicious as well.

Any final words of wisdom?

BUY MUSIC AND MERCH! We aren’t into this for the money but we’d love to keep it going as long as we can. And if metal heads buying merch and CDs, records, tapes, or whatever, keeps our favorites doing what they do and helps us out a little at the same time, well, we’re all of that.

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