HUMANGLED (Italy) “Fractal” DIGI CD review by masterful-magazine

HUMANGLED (Italy) Fractal DIGI CD review


By Masterful Magazine

Over the last couple of years Italy has carved out its place as the haven for extreme death and black metal, next to established regions such as Scandinavia and East-Europe with acts such as Blasphemer, Dominance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Murder Therapy and Necrotorture. Humangled takes a far more traditional stance and brings death metal in the vein of “Consuming Impulse” era Pestilence, “Necroticism” era Carcass and “Spiritual Healing” era Death. While their dynamics aren’t yet on the same level and the arrangements need to expand “Fractal” is a well-worn exercise in more traditional songcraft in today’s death metal scene. Like their inspirations there’s a multitude of variations in pace, atmosphere and the creative lead/solo work displays Humangled’s technical skill. The spirit of Chuck Schuldiner (Death, Control Denied) can be clearly felt in “Fractal” and in due time Humangled might be able to stand among their inspirations. As of now Humangled aren’t quite there yet, and while “Fractal” isn’t going to establish there name yet it is a firm step into the classic death metal direction. While one can argue that Humangled isn’t brutal as some of its contemporaries, what they lack in brutality is compensated by the excellent songstructures, progressive sections and skillful execution. “Fractal” was mixed and mastered by one-man industry and death metal veteran Dan Swanö at his Unisound Studios. Abyss Records continue to amaze with their signings.

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