The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review by We Love Metal

The GARDNERZ (Sweden) “The System of Nature” DIGI CD review


By Surdus

Thumping throbbing teasingly powerfully pulsing pensive rough rumbling rifts rip the air. The beat, a hungry monster, slowly slithers up behind you. The music practically purrs promises in your ear. You are in for a treat because you’re experiencing the opening chords of The Gardnerz’s full length album, The System of Nature. The group, coming at you from Sweden, is not only here to entertain you, they are here to stalk you, rock you and shock you with some of the sweetest slow sounds being exported from Europe.

The band isn’t in a rush to impress either, they confidently strut out of your speakers, laying down a smooth beat, making you wait, laying the scene before letting loose with a blast of verse. Well paced and well disciplined, The Gardnerz’s sound is appropriate to a death row march or a demon’s funeral. Their voices could pass for Satan’s after he has chain-smoked two packs. The group knows intense music doesn’t have to fill every register, that less is sometimes more, that suspense is as powerful as awe. They have a style which suggests a confidence which comes from practice; they know not to try too hard. Their roars are the roars of surefooted dragons; their song conclusions as sudden and efficient as guillotines.

If I have to make a criticism (and I believe I do under the terms of the Music Reviews’ Agreement) it would be The Gardnerz’s music tends to be similar from one song to another. They have a good, strong sound, but one can get tired of anything if exposed to it long enough. With twelve tracks on this album I feel there could have been more experimentation. As great as they are I like to hear a little more variety on a full length album. Nonetheless, I recommend checking out The Gardnerz on their website ( ), specifically their songs Confusion and Bloody Vengeance, prime examples of their prowess. This band is a diamond in the snowbanks of Sweden.

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