MAAX (U.S.) “Unholy Rock & Roll” DIGI CD review by Scum Feast Metal 666

MAAX (U.S.) “Unholy Rock & Roll” DIGI CD review

by Scum Feast Metal 666


As we all know Rock n Roll has always been viewed as unholy and the Devil’s music. Metal just pushed it further with the reply “Yeah, so what’s your point?” MAXX (pronounced “May-axe”) are a band that keeps Rock n Roll, actually Extreme Metal, on the devil’s side. I learned that over a year ago when I heard their Dawnbringer release also on Abyss Records. While that was a old school romp through Metal’s almighty hellfire this latest one surpasses it in every conceivable way. This second full length of theirs is another journey through the extreme days of buzzsaw quality guitars with air guitar worthy soloing, a pounding rhythm section and vocals which are a mixture screams and growls. Essentially there’s plenty head-banging and raised arm in the air for the horned fist salute potential throughout. Every song on here begs for your worship but a few highlights need pointing out. “Coldest Steel” opens this thing as if it were a live release. No obligatory spooky instro openers here, just knock the door off the fuckin hinges blasting forth and in your fuckin face. It’s the equivalent of getting a wake up call with a spiked mace across the forehead. “Fight With Fire” opens with a Tom Araya like scream and continues with the SLAYER-esque thrash attack. The title cut is the archetype driving song which ya listen to when you go out to party on a Friday night. Their self titled cut “MAXX” cuts into the VENOM vain and “Black Thrash ‘Em All” pretty much is self explanatory. A few cuts on the latter half of the release lean more towards the full on blackness like “Overthrone”. All in all an outstanding release from start to finish.

Rating: 5/5

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